Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). Anytime, anywhere

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Key solutions to Measure, Manage and Improve organisational performance


At the service of Business Intelligence

XBSC 360 is a secure, 100% web-centric Enterprise Performance Management solution. Provides real-time quantified information on organizational performance for strategic decision making. Inspired by the principles of the Kaplan and Norton Balanced Scorecard (BSC) model, the XBSC 360 platform is designed to support organizations of all types and sizes, making management simpler and more efficient.

Based on best practices in business management, the services provided by the XBSC 360 platform incorporate the most innovative tools in terms of mobility and cloud computing, encompassing functionalities of management software such as strategic management applications, analytical and descriptive functions and powerful database requiring only IT resources compatible with the size and availability of the company.


The XBSC 360 platform helps you to Define and Communicate your organization's "strategy history" by promoting:

The development of your Strategic Map

The XBSC 360 platform allows the construction of strategic maps and balanced scorecards

Aligning everyone with the strategy

The XBSC 360 platform enables the value creation by aligning people and processes with the strategic vision.

The translation of the Strategy into Programs and Actions

The strategic map is fed by the action program, developed by department, theme, objective or measure.

Strategy as a Continuous Process

The information provided by the XBSC 360 platform enables the strategy to be a continuous process.


Interconnect the Strategy with the Operations and obtain the excellence in its execution

Is your organization prepared?

Yes. The XBSC 360 platform is designed for organizations of all types and sizes, at any point in their development. Look for the solution that best fits your management expectations

The XBSC 360 solution offers the necessary tools for the Strategic Management of your organization.

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With the XBSC 360 platform, People Management is integrated into Strategic Management and Change Management

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The XBSC 360 solution incorporates the Academia 360 module, where new ideas and innovation work  

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