Flexibility in software solutions can mean many things, but when used to describe the system as a whole, it usually refers to the ability of the solution to adapt to future or potential changes to its requirements. Cloud XBSC 360 relies on scalable infrastructures according to the company's growth needs.

Currently, the global economy is trying to reach the 100% digital model. Companies are looking for customizable, flexible, and scalable software to deliver secure, reliable information at an affordable cost.

As an example of a flexible and scalable solution we can mention cloud computing, which allows scalable infrastructures according to the company's growth needs.

Responding quickly to business conditions through a change requires systems and platforms that offer the highest levels of flexibility. For XBSC 360 BI Solutions this means designing an infrastructure to support the implementation of products and services, which allows to increase or decrease computational capacity without stopping any operation. In this way the scalability and flexibility in IT is directly linked to the development of the business.