With 360 Degree Performance Evaluation.

Activity Management and HR Alignment Reports..


  • Definition of the Organization Structure by Department
  • Definition of Positions and Functions according to the most recent international framework (CITP / ISCO / 2008).
  • Management of employees and their profile of Competencies
  • AGENDAWORKS module with daily reporting management, personal Agenda management, vacation management and absences and calendar management.
  • 360 Degree Performance Assessment with Ready Reports and Custom Assessment Templates.

Effective Integrated Performance Management

The 360 ​​Degree Performance Assessment is developed through the functions associated with the positions that the employee performs and specific evaluation criteria, defined and approved by the HR manager in real time.

As a result it is possible to obtain at any moment the degree of alignment of each employee and the identification of the competences to be developed. The Readiness Report allows the monitoring of the skills in development and integration with the ACADEMIA Module, responsible for the management of TRAINING, IDEAS and INNOVATION.



The platform through the HCM 360 module allows the management of the organizational structure by departments in an intuitive way, adding employees automatically through organizational charts including the management of positions and functions.


The management of employees is defined by department, occupational group and position. Each employee can work more than one position and more than one department. All employees have access to their PERSONNEL XBSC - element of connection with the company's management system.


Performance Assessment is one-click away. The whole configuration process is developed following the principles of the DACUM methodology "Developing a Curriculum" which facilitates and streamlines the whole process. The construction of the evaluation model has as reference the structure of the organization, their departments and respective hierarchical levels


Management of time and methods. Daily management of activities. Vacations, absenteeism. Times fully integrated with the rest of the platform, specifically when incorporating in the AGENDA of each employee all kinds of actions, activities and tasks with which he is involved, according to his work schedule in the company or organization.


Definition of Jobs, Positions and Functions

According to the most recent international framework (CITP / ISCO / 2008). The Structure integrates all levels (the Large Group, Sub-Large Group, Subgroup and Base Group) of the CITP / 2008, constituting a fundamental instrument for statistics on professions, both in terms of observation, analysis, consolidation of series and statistical technical coordination, and for statistical comparability at European and international level at all these common levels


Functional flowcharts

Functional flowcharts are created by department and automatically define the hierarchical levels of the organization. Thus in the 360 ​​degree performance evaluation process the superiors, peers and subordinates are automatically identified. The classification is organized by occupational group and position.


Profile management

Profile Management includes besides the position and function, the generic competences associated to the occupational group, defined by general requirement and personal profile. These include by default (may be customized for each case) (1) level of academic qualification (2) Physical requirements (3) Responsibilities involved (4) Working conditions.


Daily Reports

Each employee's Daily Reports are synchronized with their schedule and work schedule. They allow employees to report to the system how their work time is managed and from the perspective of the manager, the management of teams or departments. The daily report issues automatic alerts, generate historical data and provide statistical data by employee or department.


Readiness Reports

Readiness reports provide information on the level of employee alignment with the competency requirements associated with his profile, job or position. They are one of the results of 360 degree performance evaluation through detailed reporting by function, activities and associated assessment criteria.


Evaluation criteria

The Evaluation Criteria are developed in direct association with the activities that describe a certain function, among those that make up a certain position. Its description is executed by the employee and subsequent approval and validation of the company's HR manager.



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