We offer you, in this space, a vast set of answers to questions that we consider to be the most frequently asked questions. They are interested, above all, to entities that are in the process of changing their management systems or interested in the products and services of the XBSC platform in Portugal or abroad for possible business partnerships (partner network). 

List of key issues

Does the platform work with any browser?

Yes, it works, however it is advisable to use Google Chrome for better performance.

Is the platform responsive?

Yes, it is totally responsive. Works with any gadget that has access to the net through tcp-ip. In smartphones it is advisable 5 inches and in tablets 10 inches for a better user experience.

Does the platform’s ACADEMIA 360 module follow the principles of the so-called “Oslo Manual” for innovation management?

Yes, it is in accordance with the basic principles of the Oslo Manual for Innovation Management and in this sense it is also oriented to support the development of processes for RDI certification by ISO 9001:2015

If you have other questions, please use the application below. Thank you!


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