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Companies engage in innovations for many reasons. Their goals may involve new products, markets, efficiency, quality, or ability to learn and implement change. With the ACADEMIA module of the XBSC 360 platform, identifying the reasons that drive companies to innovate has never been easier.

HR Alignment

Development of training actions aimed at eliminating the gaps of HR competencies and increasing their degree of alignment with the issues of business strategy.

Interfaces Management

Innovation sources are obtained through the Management of Interfaces with defined attributions, responsibilities and authorities, documented and communicated in real time.


Ideas and Suggestions Management

Idea Management includes Ideas Bank and shared management among all members of a given organization. The process integrates ideas with interfaces and provides guidance for RDI projects.

Evaluation of Ideas

The Idea Evaluation process selects the ideas with the highest score for possible integration of a new IDI project or to be attached to na RDI project already under development. The Evaluation process is carried out by the responsible team of the system.


RDI Projects

RDI Project Management includes the integration of Ideas, the definition of objectives and expected results and the definition of project teams. The execution of these projects is managed and monitored by the HL Planning module.

Online HELP

It includes in each function menu an aid with the information necessary for the user to perform the tasks according to the conceptual assumptions associated with the management model.


ACADEMIA 360 module menus



The XBSC 360 platform provides a set of processes oriented towards the management of interfaces, generating ideas, planning projects and evaluating results. Project execution is managed by the High Level Planning module (HL Planning), including Gantt project activities, features, and graphics. The definition of the set of processes, activities and procedures oriented to its fulfillment comply with the requirements of ISO standard NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 - Quality Management Systems.


Interactions in the innovation process

A company's innovation activities depend partly on the variety and structure of its relationships with sources of information, knowledge, technologies, practices, and human and financial resources.

HR Alignment

Interfaces Management

Ideas Management

The two sides of the same coin, Innovation as an element of exchange between the micro and macro environment of your organization


Training Management, Ideas and Innovation


Project Planning and Management