Whether through your desktop, your smartphone or your tablet is always within a click of a button. The entire platform is web-based and fully responsive to mobile devices, just have access available to the internet and a functional browser (TCP-IP).

Through Web technologies such as HTML5, Javascript and CSS, or hybrids, it was possible for XBSC 360 to develop a set of applications that could be accessed by several platforms with little or no code change. Like any other cross-platform application, the XBSC 360 platform has been developed through a framework that makes it compatible with most existing operating systems (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.). We are experiencing the second wave of Cloud Computing.

The strong trend is for a strong migration of enterprises to use the cloud as infrastructure. This is our orientation, the hybrid development of applications that can be provided as SaaS, with cloud support and that can satisfy this demand.