Participation in the CLOUD XBSC 360 program requires the completion of some stages as well as compliance with certain criteria. The Partner network is tiered at two levels: Regional Partners, which operate in the domestic market of a given country and Global Partners, which through the definition itself operate in more than one market. This classification follows the principle of the country, language or culture, and means to achieve, following the definition described above, at least one partner in each market.

Partner Eligibility Criteria

    16 hours of Skype training from a client / partner system administrator. This system administrator must meet certain requirements as referred to in the following point and have positive final evaluation.

    Self-assessment checklist approved by the Cloud XBSC 360 team. The system administrator of the client must, among other requirements, be trained and have proven experience in management and information systems and technologies (IS / TIC).

    A turnover of more than € 100,000 for Regional Partners and € 2,000,000 for Global Partners.


Benefits of the Partners Network

Regional Partners, Global Partners
Provide and deploy XBSC 360 platform products and services

  • Access to XBSC 360 platform for in-house training and demonstration for customers
  • Control of billing related services associated with the client platform's mapping and execution processes.
  • Free updates during the term of the partnership.
  • Disclosure of company logo on in the Partner Network section
  • Revenue sharing in SaaS solutions, table negotiated case by case in on-premises solutions.
  • Management of customer base by market
  • Free access to periodic training actions defined by XBSC 360
  • Marketing Kits: logos, newsletter etc.
  • Access to the designation of Regional Partner or Global Partner, according to scope and size.
  • And much more!



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