The XBSC 360 Pricing and Licensing policy aims to establish a uniform and transparent corporate policy for customers and partners, meeting the overall objectives of implementing the XBSC 360 EPM SUITE platform. It is our goal to help you understand the pricing and licensing practices of the XBSC 360 Platform so you can optimize your investment in next-generation software. We provide you with experience and best business practices by publicly disclosing our pricing and licensing information.


The following table is based on the on-premises system which means the use of server and IT resources within the company under the responsibility of the customer. That is, the client uses its internal infrastructure instead of remote service to process its hardware and software applications. He is responsible in the first line for the configurations, customizations, implementations and updates of the system of servers and communications networks.

In the on-premises option, the company must have physical space available for the operation of the equipment, with facilities that are safe against incidents such as fires, rains, landslides, thefts, robberies, etc. This model requires high initial investment in the purchase of hardware and software. In addition, the company has to hire trained professionals to manage the internal environment, make facilities and take care of the protection of corporate data. However, you can always choose to hire a server and other IT resources in Cloud Computing that will be provided remotely. The hosting happens to be in External Data Center through a Cloud provider.

* Values ​​are only indicative. Each case will be analyzed according to its specificity



Delivering the platform's services as SaaS allows you to scale them quickly compared to the on-premise solution. If your organization is in the process of rapid growth or in the process of change, with SaaS solutions you can, simply and according to your needs and at any time, add more servers and capacity. Costs must also be considered, which will be much more competitive without jeopardizing the effectiveness of the services to be made available as well as the data security and access speed required for good user experience and performance



Experience has taught us that each case is a case. The above figures are purely indicative. We are available to reach at a correct dimension of the services to be provided that guarantee added value to your business and at a fair cost.